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Watering Your Floor Scrubber & Sweeper Batteries

Taking Care of Your Floor Scrubber & Sweeper Batteries is Easy

By Rick Schott Circle the author on Google+

It is important to periodically add distilled water to your flooded batteries. The electrolyte level in a flooded lead acid battery will gradually lower over time as hydrogen and oxygen gasses are released through the vent caps due to electrolysis; a normal battery process. The rate at which the water in the electrolyte is depleted depends on the battery cell temperature and humidity. The frequency of watering depends upon battery usage and operating temperatures. Check new batteries every few weeks to determine the watering frequency for your application. It is normal for batteries to need more frequent watering as they age. When adding distilled water to your batteries, please keep these points in mind:

  • Remove the vent caps from each cell and place them upside down so that dirt does not get on the underside of the cap. Check the electrolyte level by looking into the vent wells.
  • Only add distilled water to the battery when the battery is at full state of charge. Only add water to discharged or partially charged batteries if the plates are exposed. In this case, add just enough water to cover the plates and then charge the batteries. Once the batteries are fully charged, continue with the watering procedure below.
  • If the electrolyte level is barely covering the plates, add distilled water to a level 1/2” (13 mm) below the vent well. The plates should never be exposed.
  • If the electrolyte level is above the plates then it is not necessary to add more distilled water.
  • Only add distilled water to the battery. Tap water, river water, filtered water, etc. all contain minerals that can shorten the battery’s life. In cases where no distilled water is available, use the cleanest water possible. It is more important to water the batteries with the cleanest water possible than to allow the plates to be exposed from lack of watering.
  • After adding water, secure the vent caps back on the batteries.
  • In cold climates with unheated battery rooms, water should only be added when the batterytemperature is 45° F, or above.
  • Do not store water in a metal container. Use a clean container made of glass, rubber or plastic.The container should not have been used to store anything but water in the past.

Factory Cleaning Equipment offers a single-point watering system for your battery; please call us at 800-793-3790.

By Rick Schott

Circle the author on Google+.

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