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Used/Rebuilt Floor Scrubber Market Undergoes Drastic Changes

The Factory Cat Magnum Floor Scrubber Might be the Right Solution for You.

By Rick Schott Circle the author on Google+

Floor scrubbers and sweepers are traditionally neglected and abused by many end users.  Think about it, a floor scrubber literally spends its entire life in dirt, water, and sometimes corrosive chemicals or salt.  Floor Sweepers live in a constant cloud of dust.  Sweepers powered by internal combustion engines live or die depending on how their engine air filter is maintained. 

Taking all of the above into account, it is hard to find a good used floor sweeper or scrubber on a good day.  Recent market conditions have made it even harder and pricier.  In the middle of 2008 the floor sweeper and scrubber new equipment market started to grind to a halt.  This slow down continued through about 4th quarter 2009 when it began picking up again. 

A number of things happened.  People obviously pulled back on capital spending.  Sweepers and Scrubbers generally are not a priority.  Many companies that were heavy scrubber and sweeper users shut down.  Companies that did need new floor cleaning equipment began to explore used and rebuilt options like never before.  In 2009 about 75% of our equipment inquiries were for used or rebuilt machines. 

You don’t have to be an economics professor to understand how a shrinking supply of trade in floor cleaning machines coupled with demand for used floor sweepers and used floor scrubbers could send prices skyrocketing.  We anticipate prices to be high for some time due to this gap of new cleaning equipment being shipped in 2008 and 2009.

The moral of this story is that you should definitely at least consider a new piece of equipment over a used or rebuilt cleaning machine at this point.  Floor Cleaning Equipment manufacturers are hungry to grow again.  They are offering new innovative technologies at value pricing.  Some are also providing simple, very heavy duty machines at great prices to lure the used equipment buyer.

One of our key vendors is offering a number of machines that fit this description.  The Factory Cat Magnum disk walk behind scrubber is available with 26”, 30”, and 34” scrub heads.  It can be purchased for just a few thousand dollars more than a good quality rebuild.  The Mini Magnum Scrubber and Micro Magnum Scrubber are smaller but very powerful alternatives.  They have scrub paths ranging from 17” to 28” and are available at prices that start at about $4,000.00 up to about $7,400 for the largest model.

If you are interested in looking into these “Used Floor Scrubber” alternatives please give us a call at 800-793-3790.

By Rick Schott

Circle the author on Google+.

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