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Why You Should Not Drain Your Floor Scrubber on the Loading Dock

Do Not Drain Your Floor Scrubber on the Loading Dock

By Rick Schott Circle the author on Google+

Everyone on our sales staff has at least one customer whose scrubber fell off a dock.  Most operators escaped unharmed but some ended in serious injury (amputation) and could have ended in death!  How does this happen?  The urge to drain the machine off the end of a dock is too great, but this urge must be conquered.

Dock levelers can be fairly crude mechanisms and are prone to failure.  You should never park a machine on a dock leveler.  If a dock leveler gives way with your machine on it, you will not be able to stop the fall.

There are alternatives to draining off the dock:

Empty your machine to an inside drain.  FCE carrys a product called a “Drain Saver."  Drain Savers are portable basin filtration systems. This allows you to drain your scrubber without making a mess or clogging your pipes.

Drain Saver

We also offer a positive drain valve cap with ten-foot drain hose.  Call us at 800-793-3790 to see if this feature can be retrofit to your scrubber.

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