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Titanium Systems Spins off From FCE

Titatium Systems, LLC

Introducing Titanium Systems, LLC: Provider of Quality Floor Coatings and Innovative Industrial Solutions

Dedicated to helping our customers discover the most innovative and effective floor care solutions for over 20 years, Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc is pleased to announce the development of Titanium Systems, LLC. Titanium Systems specializes in industrial and commercial flooring. Their trained flooring crews are experts in floor coatings, concrete polishing, custom graphics and logos, creating battery charging stations, concrete repair, and designing OSHA compliant workspaces.

To advance our company mission, Factory Cleaning Equipment has opted to exclusively focus on continuing to provide the best customer experience for equipment sales, service, rental, parts and chemicals. Therefore, we are no longer a distributor of floor coatings. Knowing the quality of the care and expertise that Titanium Systems has been founded on, we are happy to recommend the products and services provided by Titanium Systems, LLC to our valued customers.  

Bringing decades worth of experience and dedication to the flooring industry, Titanium Systems, LLC was founded by our former lead coatings expert, Bob Wieland. Bob has a proven track record of implementing quality, high performance flooring while providing exemplary customer service. His team of professionals is available to install flooring projects throughout the Midwest. Titanium Systems also assists do-it-yourselfers by providing quality products and consulting services nationwide.  

In addition to floor coating services, Titanium Systems offers cleaning and construction services for industrial and commercial properties.

Contact Titanium Systems, LLC for a free facility survey today: 847-533-9625.  Or email at [email protected]

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