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Sweeper Brushes101

Industrial floor cleaning equipment comes with a variety of brush options that ultimately affect the performance of the machine. For this reason, brush selection is imperative for reaping all the benefits of your investment. Cylindrical machines can boost productivity by eliminating the need to pre-sweep. There are different types of cylindrical sweeping brushes that can be outfitted to your industrial floor scrubber or sweeper depending on the planned application- so which one is best for your needs?

Brush Fill Patterns

Double Row Brush

Double row sweeping brush

Double Row Brushes are one of the most popular styles of cylindrical brushes on the market because they are versatile, economical, and effective for most general cleaning purposes. With the option of having 6 rows of 2 or 8 rows of 2 patterns, the double row pattern has long been proven a winning tool at removing light debris, bulkier debris, dust accumulation, even heavier accumulations of particles.

Patrol Brush

Patrol sweeping brush

Patrol Brush bristle patterns look similar to Double Row Brushes, except the bristles are spaced further apart. This pattern was specifically designed with efficiency in mind. The extra space between the bristles allows the Patrol Brush to pick up large and small debris while the machine moves quickly. The Patrol Brush is ideal for parking facilities.

Full Fill Brush

Single row 
        sweeping brush

At the other end of the spectrum of the Patrol Brush sits the Full Fill Brush. This brush pattern has filaments squeezed so close together that the entire brush looks full, hence the name. This brush is ideal for sweeping fine debris like dust and sand and is not the best choice for applications requiring the removal of larger debris. The Full Fill Brush is a good choice for sweeping uneven surfaces.

Sand Wedge Brush

        Wedge sweeping brush

Sand Wedge Brushes are patented by Tennant. The design allows for the removal of heavy accumulations of sand or other small to mid-sized particles with dust control.

Window Brush

Window sweeping 

Like the Sand Wedge Brush, the Window Brush is also patented by Tennant. The checkered bristle pattern of the Window Brush creates pockets or windows that make this brush ideal for light debris. The way this brush traps debris makes it an excellent choice for sweeping paper scraps and other light litter.


Cylindrical brushes are a common wear item on floor cleaning equipment. This means that proper maintenance is especially important to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. We recommend that you rotate your brushes on a weekly basis. This will lengthen the life of your brush and ensure that your floor is being swept evenly by preventing a bend, commonly referred to as a “set,” in the bristles. Another tip to prevent a “set” in the bristles from the weight of the brush is to keep the brushes in the up position whenever your machine is not in use. For increased brush life, the restricted down position should be used as often as possible. You should also adjust the brush so that the bristles coming in contact with the floor fall between 10 o’clock and 4 o’clock when looking at the brush from directly above it to increase the life of your brush.

If you have read Scrubber Brushes 101 then you are already aware of why it is important to care for your brushes. That article also goes into great detail regarding the different materials brushes are composed of and when to choose nylon over poly or vice versa.


These materials also compose sweeper brush bristles:

  • Nylon bristles are less aggressive with a long wear life and excellent dust control.
  • Polypropylene bristles are slightly more aggressive than Nylon or Polyester and can combat impacted soil with suburb dust control.
  • Natural Fiber bristles have the shortest wear life and are the least aggressive.
  • Natural Fiber brushes are good at both controlling dust and removing compact soils.
  • Natural Fiber and Wire bristles have a slightly longer wear life than Natural Fiber bristles and are much more aggressive, making this brush even more capable of combating dust and heavy accumulations.
  • For very aggressive jobs you may want to opt for a Polypropylene & wire brush. This brush is the best in the industry at dust control and removing impacted soils.
  • Finally, Wire Brushes are the most aggressive, ideal for removing stubborn materials and finishes.


When shopping for the ideal sweeper brush in our online parts store, our knowledgeable team is able to assist customers with any question regarding the proper brush or part for all types of floor cleaning equipment. Contact us today 800-793-3790.

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