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5 Ways to Save Money on Repairs with Preventive Maintenance

After purchasing quality floor cleaning equipment, reduce machine downtime and increase the life of your investment through preventive maintenance. Making preventive maintenance a priority can save you thousands in repair costs and will maximize the productivity of your floor scrubber or sweeper. Did you know that regularly serviced floor cleaning machines almost always last longer and have a higher trade in value once you decide it is time to upgrade your equipment? Some simple steps and planning could make a big impact on your bottom line. Here’s how:


Scrubber and sweeper being serviced


1. Operator training

The people that operate your floor cleaning equipment every day, week, or month should be trained by professionals who are experts in floor cleaning equipment. At FCE, we offer our customers free operator training. This service is not just for when a machine is first purchased; we will retrain operators as needed throughout the lifetime of your machine. It is very important that the operators of floor scrubbers and sweepers know which applications the machine can be used in and which should be avoided. This one simple preventive step will make the biggest impact on the longevity of your newly purchased piece of floor cleaning equipment.

2. Clean the machine

A floor scrubber is built to withstand harsh environments and harsh chemicals. If a harsh chemical is strong enough remove floor coatings, imagine what those chemicals can do to the bolts, seals, and fasteners on that machine. By properly cleaning your floor cleaning equipment, you will remove accumulated dirt, lessen the risk of the machine over heating, and help prevent clogging. Completely empty the solution tanks after each use in order to lessen the risk of unnecessary costly repairs to your equipment.

3. Regular Equipment Inspections

Checking bolts, squeegees, and brushes to make sure everything is tightened and undamaged can prevent costly repairs by catching a minor problem and fixing it before any serious damage is done to your equipment. This can also include checking for clogs and accumulation of dust and dirt, as mentioned above. Also periodically inspect the belts and wires. This type of inspection can be done after each use or can be done on a regular schedule.

4. Regular maintenance

Plan to have maintenance work every 100 operating hours or at least according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The manufacturer’s recommendations for scheduled maintenance can usually be found in the operation manual. If you cannot find your operation manual, our resource page may be able to help.

5. Value preventive maintenance

Too often does this type of maintenance get overlooked because of time restraints. When it comes to your health, insurance companies often give incentives for people who go for regular check ups and take other initiatives at preventive health care. This is because it is proven that staying on top of your health and catching a disease early saves the insurance companies a lot of money. The same is true for preventive maintenance with your scrubber or sweeper. Staying on top of the condition of your floor cleaning equipment will save your business money in the long run. Allow time for your employees to properly care for the equipment.

Preventive maintenance should be completed on all types of floor cleaning equipment to lower the overall costs of operation. If you or your employees are unsure of what to look for or how to inspect a machine, we can help. At Factory Cleaning Equipment our service team is trained to work on virtually any type of floor cleaning equipment. With over 20 years of experience in the floor cleaning equipment industry, you can rest assured that our team of experts is available to help our customers needing additional training or maintenance. Not only will this increase the life and productivity of your machine, understanding the basic mechanics of your machine will help ensure it is safely operated. Don’t wait until a machine is in dire need of repair or some other disaster occurs to seek the advice of professionals, contact our team of experts today for more information: 800-793-3790

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