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Quick Repair Tips for Keeping Your Floor Scrubber and Sweeper Working Like New

Quick Repair Tips for Keeping Your Floor Scrubber & Sweeper Working Like New

By Rick Schott Circle the author on Google+

Factory Cleaning Equipment gets several calls each day about service for floor scrubbers and sweepers.  What can you do to keep your machine in service and not needing service?  Below are the top four service questions we get about machines and what you can do to remedy the situation.

Problem:  The scrub head goes down and comes back up on its own.
Solution:  Check the circuit breaker for the motors and check the head for debris.  If the head is clogged, remove the debris that may be causing it to malfunction.

Problem:  The scrubber won’t suck up the water and the vac fan is running.
Solution:  Clear the hoses of debris and check for debris where the hose attaches to the machine.  Most likely some blockage in the hose is the issue.

Problem:  No solution flow.
Solution:  Locate and check the solution filter for debris or soap scum buildup.  Clean the filter to allow the solution to flow.

Problem:  Low run time or the battery doesn’t last.
Solution:  The water/electrolyte levels could be low.  Make sure the machine has the correct levels, just above the plate surface.  Also, make sure the battery charger is plugged in to a 110 outlet anything else can short the circuit breaker and not allow charging.  Battery charger must detect minimum battery voltage to turn on.

These solutions can save you time and headaches to basic issues.  If you need more assistance, call our service department at 800-793-3790 and talk to an experienced service tech today!

By Rick Schott

Circle the author on Google+.

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