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Keeping Floor Cleaning Equipment Ownership Costs Low

Planned maintenance is one recommended way to keep your floor cleaning equipment ownership costs down over the lifetime of your machine. In addition to adding an estimated two years onto the life of the equipment, spending a little money on upkeep can help prevent having to spend a huge amount in costly repairs. This limits the overall amount spent on maintenance. In fact, over the life of a machine, the repairs on unmaintained equipment cost on average about twice as much as the maintenance costs of a machine that is maintained over time.

Equipment downtime can be expensive, yet it is very common. It has been reported that 88% of all facilities have equipment down and in many cases the facility managers are unaware. When equipment is out of service and being repaired, your cleaning team is down a valuable machine which could cause your labor costs to skyrocket. After all, the cost to clean a building is 96% labor. A planned maintenance program can reduce equipment downtime and help ensure that your machine is running at peak performance. 

Abuse, neglect, or other potential problems with the operation of your floor cleaning equipment can be brought to light during routine planned maintenance inspections. The proper operation of equipment is another way to keep floor cleaning equipment ownership costs down and extend the life of the machine. During planned maintenance, our team comes to you, giving our equipment experts the opportunity to train or retrain operators as needed. This can help improve your workforce at no additional cost to the business.

Maintenance is a normal and expected part of floor cleaning equipment ownership. However, a lack of preventive maintenance causes a reported 70% of facility managers to spend more than what they budgeted for on repairs. A timely, planned maintenance program is cost effective. Our planned maintenance programs can be tailored to the needs of your facility and equipment, helping to limit costly reactionary repairs.

Maximize equipment uptime, help ensure proper equipment operation, and fix small repairs before they become costly. Keep floor cleaning equipment ownership costs down by utilizing a planned maintenance program. Contact us today to learn more about our personalized approach to planned maintenance.

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