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IRS Section 179 - Get a Floor Scrubber or Sweeper for Free

Get a scrubber for free?

IRS Section 179 Can Help Pay for Tools to Increase Productivity

By Rick Schott Circle the author on Google+

Take it while we still have it!  Every business that spends less than $800,000 per year in capital purchases can fully depreciate (deduct the purchase price from their income) up to $250,000 this year.  You have to purchase the equipment before 12/31/2013.  That does not mean you have to pay for it!  You can take delivery now, write it off, and pay for it later.

“Why is the scrubber guy writing about taxes?” You may ask.  We have a unique opportunity for our government to help us pay for equipment to help us make more money.  Here is an example of how it works:

Finance a new Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber:

Purchase Price: $8,995.00

Down Payment: 0

Monthly  Payment: $195.00 including sales tax

2013 Tax Savings: Approximately $2,700 (depending on your tax bracket)

Labor Savings: If the new floor scrubber  or new floor sweeper saves you just 1 labor hour per day at $15/hour you will save $300/month in labor costs.  The fact is that we can usually help you save far more than 1 hour a day.  Consider that:

  • Automatic Scrubbers are about 20X faster than mopping
  • Scrubber Sweepers eliminate a whole step in the process, sweeping.
  • New Technology can help you eliminate the use of detergent all together

Let’s Review:

  1. Finance a new scrubber today with no cash outlay.
  2. Save thousands of dollars on your 2013 taxes.  This is real money you can put in your pocket or reinvest in your company.
  3. Reduce your labor costs with new technology netting an instant payback for the scrubber.  Your payment will be far less than your labor savings.

Oh yeah, you get to have a cleaner, safer environment to work

If you are interested in saving money and improving the safety in your facility, please give us a call at 1-800-793-3790 for a free demonstration. 

By Rick Schott

Circle the author on Google+.

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