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3 Unexpected Ways a Rental Machine Can Help Your Business

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In most warehouses and other industrial or commercial facilities floor maintenance is an integral part of the job. Whether it is necessary to maintain the appearance of the flooring or create a safer work environment by reducing slip, trip, and fall hazards, leasing or purchasing floor cleaning equipment in these settings is a smart investment. However, not all applications require regular cleaning. Sometimes renting a floor scrubber or sweeper is better for your budget.

Intermittent cleanings, special projects, and preparing for an important customer are common times that our customers will opt to rent a floor cleaning machine. Whenever a machine is needed for a short duration, a rental is usually recommended. In the construction industry, for example, rental equipment is often brought in once construction is complete or in between the different the stages of construction. In this scenario, a rental would be the better option. In addition to being the best choice when the equipment will not be used frequently, there are some lesser known reasons why choosing to rent floor cleaning equipment can be beneficial:

1) Try out a machine prior to leasing or purchasing equipment

Renting a particular model for a short period can help businesses evaluate the machine, learning the pros and cons from its operators and managers, prior to committing to the purchase. Floor cleaning equipment is a major investment that will continue working for your company for a long time so it is always a good idea to understand the unique needs of your industry. Our team of experts will help guide you to an ergonomical and efficient machine that is best suited for your particular application.

2) Save on storage space by renting a machine

Space is a major concern for certain industries. For example, having storage space to store a machine or even large containers of cleaning chemical is not ideal for many businesses. When using a rental, the machine is brought in when needed and will be picked up when the job is complete so storing the equipment between uses is not necessary.

3) No maintenance required

When determining the cost to lease or own a floor scrubber or sweeper, regular maintenance should be factored into the budget. This is not the case when renting a floor scrubber or sweeper. A rental machine will arrive at your site working at top performance in order to effectively get the job done. Using the construction example from earlier, even if the construction company completes many projects throughout the year, renting equipment would still likely make the most sense. Not only is the equipment brought to the site, but the machine will also be delivered in peak working order as to not slow down a project.

When choosing a company to rent floor cleaning equipment from, always choose a reputable equipment distributor. Our customers know that choosing one of our rental machines guarantees that they will be satisfied with the performance of the equipment; otherwise we will bring them a new machine. If your business finds itself renting equipment more and more frequently or for longer periods of time throughout the year, it may be time to determine if a lease or purchase would be a wiser investment. We're here to help with any of your floor cleaning equipment needs - call today!

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