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Equipment Rentals Following Extreme Weather

With extreme weather, high winds, and heavy rainfall becoming more frequent in recent years, comes the increased potential for weather related damage to your home or business. One way to mitigate water damage is to remove it as quickly as possible and a floor cleaning equipment rental can help you do just that. The high quality squeegees and extreme suction on our industrial floor scrubbers make them excellent tools to clean up excess water from warehouses, construction sites, factories, and other businesses that face unforeseen water problems.

Offering a large variety of cordless compact walk-behind and rider floor scrubber rentals to the Midwest and Southeast, we carry equipment for jobs both big and small. The machine’s powerful brushes will agitate dirt on the floors while the vacuum system removes the dirty water and excess moisture, leaving behind clean and dry floors with a single pass. There are many advantages to utilizing a floor equipment rental, such as the machine is delivered to your site in optimal working condition with no need to worry about maintenance.

At Factory Cleaning Equipment, we understand that following storm damage it is important to have someone reliable that you can turn to for assistance. Our industrial floor scrubber rentals are available for daily, weekly, or monthly terms on short notice. We deliver the equipment directly to your facility and an equipment expert will train you or your staff on the proper operation of the machine. With equipment delivery, onsite training, and equipment pick up, we strive to make the rental process as seamless as possible. Our team is prepared to assist your unique equipment needs to help get your facility cleaned up and running. Contact us today to learn more about industrial floor cleaning equipment rentals: 800-793-3790 

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