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Cost Advantages of Buying a Floor Scrubber

Buying a Floor Scrubber or Sweeper will $ave You Money!

By Rick Schott Circle the author on Google+

It seems more and more companies are looking for ways to save money.  Whether it is due to the economy or in an effort to just cut overall costs, companies are looking for ways to save money.  One way to help is to look at the option to either purchase or lease a scrubber.

If you look at the labor savings of scrubbing vs. mopping, it becomes evident quickly that the purchase of a scrubber is a great investment.  The average person can mop about 5,000 square feet per hour.  This also slows down over time and large areas.  A walk behind scrubber can clean about 20,000 square feet per hour.  A small facility of 50,000 square feet would typically have around 25,000 square feet of cleanable area.  Doing some simple math would show that it would take a person 5 hours to clean the area and the scrubber would take about 1.25 hours to clean.  Assume paying this person minimum wage (Federal Rate, state rates may vary) of $7.25, then the savings would be 3.75 Hours x $7.25 which equals $27.19.  Cleaning the floor 5 times a week and having 4 weeks per month would provide savings of $543.75 per month.  Purchasing a walk behind scrubber for around $6,000 would provide for an ROI of less than one year!  Another way to look at would be if you would lease the scrubber.  Doing a 5 year lease with a $1 buyout (Pay $1 at end of lease term and you own the scrubber) your monthly cost would be around $130/month.  This would provide monthly savings of over $400/month.  It is as if you were getting the scrubber for free! 

Other benefits of owning a scrubber are that the only time you put down clean water with a mop is the first time you dip it in the water.  Every time after that you continually put down dirtier and dirtier water on the floor.  Did you ever look at the water in the mop bucket when you are finished?  That is the same water you cleaned the last portion of your floor with.  A scrubber puts down clean water and picks up dirty water.  The two water streams are never mixed.  The end result is a cleaner floor.  Also, a scrubber provides for increased safety.  The floor is completely dry after the scrubber has cleaned the floor.  No more yellow caution signs and risk of employees slipping. 

If you are interested in saving money and improving the safety in your facility, please give us a call at 1-800-793-3790 for a free demonstration.

By Rick Schott

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