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Clean Plants Are Safe, Efficient, and Profitable - Five Easy Tips To Getting Clean and Staying Clean

Five Easy Tips to Getting Your Facility Clean & Safe

By Rick Schott Circle the author on Google+

Schedule Cleaning – Every day at the same time a designated person should clean your plant floors (sweep, mop, run the floor scrubber, etc.)  All employees will get their departments ready making cleaning easier and more effective.  More importantly, scheduled cleaning actually gets done.

Stop Filth At the Source – If your floors are oily or have build up find the cause.  Oil and coolant leaks should be contained.  Oil dry has no place in a modern efficient plant.  Map out a plan to get rid of it!  If dust is your problem, it is probably coming from your floor, open dock doors, or your manufacturing process.  There are low cost solutions for these problems.

Show Employees That You Are Serious – Factory Cleaning Equipment has been helping plants clean up for over 16 years.  Clean operations really do start at the top.  You must be willing to give your employees the correct tools (i.e.: floor scrubbers or floor sweepers, chemicals, and the proper training.)  You then need to put a system in place to recover your clean plant and keep it that way.  Finally, this system must be followed each day in order to keep your job.  Sound harsh?  It is, but with this type of commitment, you shouldn’t waste your time or money just trying.  Give us a call at 800-793-3790 and our experts can give you dozens of success and failure stores that have led to this conclusion.

Update Your Cleaning Methods – No kidding, state of the art cleaning methods cost a lot less than antiquated ones.  Do you have men loading boxes on trucks or do you own a forklift?  Why are the most successful companies in every industry the most automated and efficient?  It is not because they can afford fancy tools.  It is because they recognized the value early on if using tools to reduce their most expensive cost, labor.  At the same time they found out that these tools probably improved quality, morale, delivery, etc.  Go out and watch your clean up person mop or sweep up.  In almost every case this employee is displacing dirt rather than removing it from the building.

Reward Department For Meeting Your New Standards – Cleaning up can become a competition in small and large operations.  Start the ball rolling and watch what happens.  No one wants to have their area labeled as the “pig pen” of your operation.  Everyone (even your most grouchy, negative employee) appreciates recognition for accomplishments.  These rewards do not have to be expensive.  It is the recognition, not the reward that counts.

Factory Cleaning Equipment offers a free initial in-plant survey.  We can help you with reasonable solutions to your cleaning problems.  Factory Cleaning Equipment can save you time and money.  FCE offers cleaning process consulting, floor scrubbers, floor sweepers (including Tennant, Factory Cat, and Bulldog), service, and cleaning chemicals for the industrial user.

By Rick Schott

Circle the author on Google+.

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