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Should I buy, rent, or lease a floor scrubber?

Why You Should Buy/Lease/Rent a Floor Scrubber

By Rick Schott

The decision to scrub your floors on regular basis is a good one.  Besides the obvious benefits of having a clean facility you will reduce labor costs, have safer floor conditions, improve employee morale, and impress customers.

Buy or Lease Floor Cleaning Equipment

Buying and Leasing floor cleaning equipment is essentially the same thing in today’s market.  A lease is basically a finance contract.  Maintenance is generally not included in the lease.  The reason for this is that floor cleaning equipment maintenance costs vary greatly with operating conditions, operator care, and the daily care of the machine.  It is almost impossible to predict.  The same tax advantages and depreciation generally apply to outright purchases and leases.

If you plan on cleaning your plant more than one time per month it probably makes the most sense to buy our lease the unit.  When you add pick-up/delivery costs to the rental rates it becomes cost prohibitive to bring in a unit frequently.

Advantages to buying a floor scrubber:

  • A floor scrubber is often handy to have around if you have the misfortune of a roof leak, broken pipe or spill.
  • When a call comes in that an important customer is coming in tomorrow you can quickly clean the floors just before they come.
  • Cleaning the plant daily or weekly sends a strong message to employees that your company is serious about maintaining a clean and safe work environment.

Renting Floor Cleaning Equipment

Companies that only need to clean quarterly (or less) should probably consider short term rentals for their cleaning equipment.  The cost of capital to have a floor scrubber sitting on the floor just doesn’t make sense.  Dormant equipment can also be problematic.  Batteries tend to become weak when not cycled regularly. Valves, seals, etc. can also dry out.

Why our customers rent floor scrubbers

  • Annual or quarterly deep clean projects
  • To get ready for an open house or other event
  • To take advantage of a plant shut down or holiday
  • Cleaning up from an unfortunate event
  • To prep floors for sealing or aisle striping

Learn more about our floor scrubber and sweeper rentals, and give us a call at 800-793-3790 to discuss the right plan for your company.

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