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Application Spotlight: Parks District

In the twenty plus years that our team at Factory Cleaning Equipment has been in the floor cleaning equipment industry, we have worked with a large variety of applications in determining which machine would be best suited for their unique challenges. This ‘Application Spotlight’ highlights the machine that we recently provided a Parks District to clean a Non-Ice Hockey Rink more effectively than a dry mop while drastically reducing the amount of time they spend cleaning.

A Parks District is an important part of the community. This special-purpose district is designated to maintain public parks, trails, recreation, and cultural facilities such as zoos, museums, sporting venues, and music venues within its geographic area. Parks Districts are a distinctive customer because they can have a number of large jobs, both indoor and outdoors, to tackle.

This particular Parks District has been a valued customer of ours for over ten years. Building trust with clients and serving their needs from equipment and chemical sales to parts and service is why we have been able to provide cleaning solutions for lasting customers. Contact us today to find a solution for your floor cleaning needs: 800-793-3790


This Parks District had a hard time keeping their Non-Ice Hockey Rink clean during and in between hockey tournaments. Overwhelmed by the amount of time it was taking to dry mop by hand during tournaments, this customer reached out to our team for a solution. The solution would need to be able to remove dust, dirt, shavings from roller blades and little pieces of hockey pucks from a plastic tile sports flooring that comprised this hockey rink. The customer had been using big dry mops to clean in the middle of tournaments, but the dry mops were not effective enough and took too long.


A floor sweeper is the perfect solution for this particular application because it cleans dry and leaves no residue behind on the rink. A rider floor sweeper is simple to operate and can get the job done quickly, removing dust and other debris from the hockey rink. The Factory Cat TR Rider Sweeper chosen for this application is ideal to remove large and small debris from virtually any hard floor surface. The TR can sweep 60,000 square feet per hour when used at the recommended operational speed of 3.0 MPH. Standard dual side brushes, heavy-duty poly rollers, and solid rubber tires make the TR Rider Sweeper a machine that will work hard for a very long time. Now, this Parks District can use their Factory Cat TR Rider Sweeper to clean their hockey rink in minutes, as well as remove debris from the entry ways left by contestants and fans. 

floor sweeper in indoor hockey rink

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