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Tomcat RECON Floor Scrubber


The Tomcat RECON floor scrubber was designed to be simple and compact while not holding back on power. This commercial scrubber can clean up to 2.5 hours continuously with help from its 10-gallon solution tank. It would make a great addition to just about any facility – school systems, healthcare, warehouses, grocery, retail, airports – and it will fit in your supply closet! The RECON is available with 17” or 20” disk brush heads making it easier to maneuver in smaller areas.

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Drives Available:

  1. Pad Assist – requiring some physical effort to push, the pad assist driven machines use the scrub head to move forward.
  2. Traction Drive – includes an all-gear transaxle to help on inclines and make operating easiest for the driver.

The Tomcat RECON’s scrub deck is fully protected by a steel frame and polyurethane rollers. Its simple design also allows it to be maintained effortlessly. All you have to do is tip back the top (clam shell design) and there you have access to the batteries, scrub motors, solution filter, vacuum screen and recovery tank. A few key features set the RECON apart from other cleaning machines in its class:

  • Machine Control Panel – switches are marine-duty and there are universal icons to streamline training.
  • Vacuum Muffler – consistently achieves 72 dBA.
  • Squeegee Adjustments made with wing-nuts means you don’t need tools to maintain the squeegees!
  • Front Fill System – includes a stainless steel screen so debris isn’t allowed in.
  • The 500 lb. max scrub pressure and high performance motors provide the highest standards of cleanliness. 
Tomcat RECON Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber Features:

Disk Scrub Head:

  • Scrub Path Width: 17" and 20"
  • Vacuum Motor: .8hp
  • Drive Power: .75hp
  • Productivity: 11,530 sq. ft./hr
  • Recovery Tank Size (gallons): 10
  • Solution Tank Size (gallons): 10
  • Weight (lbs., with batteries): 290-340
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 35" x 18" x 38"
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    Tomcat RECON Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber User Manual

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    Tomcat RECON Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber Parts Manual

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    Tomcat RECON Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber Brochure


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