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Powerful Floor Scrubbing for Smaller Applications

Achieve a superior level of clean in smaller applications with the cordless, battery-operated Bulldog Floor Scrubber. This highly maneuverable, heavy duty and compact walk behind scrubber has been designed to withstand daily use in tough environments. The Bulldog is high quality, hardworking, American-made construction that you can depend on.

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Superior Results in a Fraction of the Time

Increase the productivity of your cleaning routine substantially with the Bulldog Floor Scrubber. By cleaning floors at a rate of up to 20,000 square feet per hour, the Bulldog saves time and money. The Bulldog emulsifies dirt and removes other stubborn residues with ease using powerful down pressure and its high speed rotating brush. Its unique, stainless steel squeegee with urethane blade and strong vacuum system remove excess moisture from floors leaving them clean and dry in a single pass. Clean floors in a more hygienic manner by utilizing the clean water technology of the Bulldog Floor Scrubber.

Easy to Operate, Simple to Repair

Operator-friendly features make the Bulldog a breeze to operate. Easy access to the recovery tank, clear hoses that allow the operator to visualize water levels, automatic water start/stop, and automatic brush start/stop are just some of the Bulldog’s operator-friendly features. Wheel Driven Forward and Reverse give the Bulldog even brush pressure for maximum maneuverability and productivity. Maintenance has been simplified with automatic brush install/removal.

Walk behind Floor Scrubber various applications

Common Applications for the WD20:

  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Fitness Centers
  • CrossFit Affiliate Gyms
  • Garages
  • Machine Shops
  • Automobile Dealerships
  • Grocery Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Public pools
  • Schools
  • Bakeries
  • And more!
WD20 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber Features:
  • 20” Cleaning path
  • 0.75 HP brush motor
  • 180 RPM brush motor speed
  • 12-Gallon solution tank
  • 13-Gallon recovery tank
  • Rotational molded poly tanks
  • 0.6 HP vacuum motor
  • Stainless steel parabolic squeegee
  • Transport drive system
  • Automatic brush install and removal
  • Ergonomic adjustable controls
  • Urethane squeegee blade
  • Easy access recover tank
  • Optional vac wand
  • Made in the USA
  • Operates at 69 dBA
  • Dimensions: 48” L x 34” W x 43” H, 313 pounds
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    WD20 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber User Manual

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    WD20 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber Parts Manual

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    WD20 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber Brochure

Common Replacement Parts
Description Model SKU/EAN Price Quantity Add
Description: Blade, Front 34in Squeegee Model: BD20, SS20, WD20 SKU/EAN: 172272AM
Price: $55.28
Quantity: 1

Description: Blade, Rear 34in Squeegee Model: SS20, WD20, BD20 SKU/EAN: 172273AM
Price: $57.74
Quantity: 1

Description: Bulldog Scrubber 20" pad driver Model: BD20, WD20 SKU/EAN: 172520-2
Price: $150.18
Quantity: 1

Description: Bulldog Speed Control Knob Model: SS20, WD20, WD26 SKU/EAN: 809874
Price: $9.32
Quantity: 1

Description: Recovery tank drain hose assembly Model: BD20, SS20, WD20, WD26 SKU/EAN: 97090096
Price: $94.76
Quantity: 1

Description: Vacuum Recovery Hose Model: BD20, SS20, WD20, WD26 SKU/EAN: 172010
Price: $41.92
Quantity: 1

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