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Avidbots Neo 2™ Autonomous Floor Scrubber

Increase your team’s productivity and get a more consistent clean with the Neo 2™ robotic floor scrubber. This fully-automated self-driving scrubber has been engineered from the ground up to offer the highest quality, reliability, and serviceability with industry-leading floor cleaning technology and software.

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Welcome to the Next Generation of Clean

front and right side of Neo 2 robotic floor scrubber


  • Fully autonomous robotic scrubbing platform
  • Cleans up to 42,000 sq. ft. per hour
  • Industry-leading navigation system
  • Remote assistance
  • 360° environment scanning cameras
  • Obstacle detection



  • Signal light turning
  • Manual mode option
  • Add-on disinfectant tools
  • Disk machines available in 26” and 32”
  • Cylindrical machines available in 26” and 32”

Advanced Robotics for Advanced Cleaning

A leader in robotics technology, the Neo 2™ automated floor cleaning solution includes the Avidbots Command Center web app that lets you monitor, track and direct your Neo 2™ from anywhere. An advanced AI allows the Neo 2™ to quickly adapt to changes in the environment with real-time obstacle avoidance! Multiple e-stop buttons and bumpers as well as vibrant lights and a Blue Light keep your facility’s operational environment safe.

The Neo 2™ robotic scrubber keeps floors clean at some of the world’s biggest companies across manufacturing, warehousing, education, healthcare, airports, retail and beyond, including DHL, Singapore Changi Airport, and 3M.

Avidbots autonomous floor scrubber in middle of warehouse aisle Robotic floor scrubber cleaning tile floor in commercial office space Neo 2 self-driving scrubber cleaning tile shopping mall floor Robotic floor scrubber cleaning polished concrete in a big box retail store Autonomous floor scrubber cleaning hospital hallway Avidbots robotic scrubber cleaning airport floor
autonomous floor scrubber cleaning large warehouse floor

Commercial Cleaning In A Post Covid World

According to a recent survey, 80 percent of U.S. businesses consider cleanliness and sanitation their top concern when managing the risk of COVID-19 to employees, customers, and the public.

Designed for cleaning and sanitizing vast commercial spaces with hard-flooring, Neo 2™ offers facilities the opportunity to free up cleaning staff to focus on high-touch areas as well as ensuring a consistent cleaning experience.



Neo 2™ operates with minimal human intervention, delivering maximum uptime and repeatability due to leading-edge automation. Moving at speeds up to 4.43 ft per second, Neo 2™ cleans and sanitizes more effectively and efficiently than humans, allowing the cleaning team to focus on other areas while Neo 2™ takes care of the floors. Lower your labor costs while improving health and safety within your facility.

back of Avidbots Neo 2 robotic scrubber showing control panel

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