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Keeping Pollen Out of Your Business This Spring

Spring has sprung, and so has the pollen! If your workplace is anything like ours, especially in North Carolina, everything is coated in a yellow blanket. Although at times it seems almost unavoidable, here’s how your business can protect itself from pollen this Spring.

 keeping pollen out of business

Close Windows and Doors

You may be tempted to let the fresh air in through open doors and windows, but it’s also an open invitation for pollen. Know when to shut the doors and windows and turn the A/C on.

Use HEPA Filters

HEPA filters, in your vacuum cleaners and your HVAC unit, catch the tiniest particles floating in the air and help trap pollen. It’s an extra expense that really does help air quality!

Lay Down Floors Mats

The bottom of your shoes can quickly track pollen inside your facility, but floor mats in entryways can help stop it from spreading any further.

Dust with Water

A slightly moist duster or microfiber cloth will contain the pollen and allergens on surfaces and prevent them from becoming airborne.

Clean Your Floors

Clean facility floors play a huge role in keeping your facility pollen-free. A floor cleaning machine with separate clean and dirty water tanks ensures you don’t spread it any further.

Clean Your Parking Lot

Minimize the amount of pollen, allergens, and spring droppings that settle in your building’s parking lot. A sweeper-scrubber may be the best way to maintain your parking lot- here’s how.

Mow the Grass

When your property’s grass is mowed regularly, you prevent grasses from blooming and pollinating. A seemingly small step but can make a difference!

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