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Friday Spotlight: Matthew Tuttle Gnardog Crossfit

First, tell us a little about you. 

I'm a Combat Veteran in the Military, and specifically at war, we need to be attentive to details. If we were not then a loss of life would happen. Using the Bulldog is an effort to the similar. I am 38 years old and married with four children. I coach and run Gnardog full-time. 

Perfect. So, how long have you been using our product? 

3 and a half years. 

Sheesh, and which product do have? 

The Bulldog Scrubber WD20 

Nice Choice. Before you used our Bulldog Scrubber, what were you using?

A small household carpet cleaner! We would have to change the water out maybe 15 times per hour, at the time, 3,000 square foot floor.

That's insane! Did you decide to rent, lease, or buy your Bulldog WD20?


And why was this the best option for you? 

Because 3 and a half years ago, I couldn't afford to buy it and didn't want to rent a cleaner I would have to return someday.

Have you seen a difference in your customers' behavior since using our floor scrubber? 

A small difference in some. Some mention how they like how clean our floor is. Especially when someone comes back after dropping into another gym, and they notice how clean our floors are by comparison. But this is what I aim for as an owner. I don't want them to notice little things like the cleanliness of our gym. I'd rather focus them on their fitness than anything else. The little things, the attention to details, like ensuring a consistently clean floor is the goal and having the Bulldog Scrubber makes this process easy without taking up a lot of time. 

What do you like most about your Bulldog WD20? 

The ease at which it functions. Fill it up, clean out the reservoir, recharge, and repeat. I like that I can clean my 5,000 square foot floor space in 30 mins or less. 

What do you dislike most about it? 

Nothing, I love it!

Overall, would you recommend it? 

Most definitely, yes. 

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