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Floor Scrubber Vacuum Suction Issue

A loss of suction on your floor scrubber vacuum can mean water left behind on the floor, water in the recovery tank, or water pooling after use. Follow our suggestions and watch the video at the bottom of the page to help identify and solve the problem.

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To help resolve a loss of suction on your scrubber - water left behind on the floor, water in the recovery tank, or water pooling after use - keep reading or watch the video below and hopefully one of our suggestions solve the problem. 

  • Make sure your vacuum has power. On most machines, you should be able to hear it cycle when the machine is turned on. Also, make sure that when the squeegee assembly is dropped, the vacuum motor is running.
  • Check the dual ball screen float, located inside of the recovery tank, when the vacuum is on AND off. Are the two plastic balls located in the cylindrical screen resting at the bottom of the screen? If yes, move on to the next step. If only one ball is resting on the bottom, chances are the other one is lodged in the top of the screen. Dismount the screen and dislodge the stuck ball from the top of the screen. Note that some models only come with one ball.

Ball screen float in recovery tank

  • Is there a good seal on the recovery tank lid? It should be somewhat difficult to open while the vacuum is running (Inspect the recovery tank lid gasket).  Notice the model on the left has an easy to remove/replace rubber seal.

Sealed recovery tank lid

  • Remove the vacuum hose from the squeegee assembly. Is there good suction? If not, you probably have a clog and you will want to clean it out. The vacuum hose is clear so you should be able to see the obstruction. You can use an air pump to send air through the hose to help push it out.  You’ll want to make sure your recovery lid is closed because if there is a clog, it will be pushed up into the recover tank. You could also unplug the hose at the top and use a garden hose to push the clog out through the bottom by forcing water through it.

Floor scrubber vacuum hose

  • Make sure the squeegees are creating a good seal and have no rips, tears, or frayed edges. If you find a lot of wear on the squeegees, flip them to an unused edge or replace them.

Floor scrubber squeegee

Follow this instructional video for more assistance.

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