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5 Mistakes Machine Owners Make When Ordering Replacement Parts

ordering replacement parts

1.  Waiting too long to reorder parts

Think about brushing your teeth. You brush them twice a day, seven days a week, four weeks a month and so on... And after a while, your toothbrush doesn’t quite work the same as when you first put it to use. If you’re using a toothbrush that’s nearing the 3-month mark, you replace it because you realize it’s neither cleaning like it used to nor is it helping your teeth. Overusing sweeper and scrubber brushes, squeegees, and regular wear parts are similar. Waiting too long to replace them is affecting your cleaning performance and your floors.

Replace your brushes if…

  • It’s been longer than 18-24 months
  • They are less than a half of an inch
  • They are not gripping the floor like they originally did

Replace your squeegees if…

  • It’s been longer than 6-8 months
  • You’ve already flipped them all four ways
  • There are rips and tears

2.  Not knowing what to order

You should never be forced to guess on what part you need. If you don’t know where to begin, pull up your parts manual. (Here is our list of online parts manuals.) The drawn diagrams can help you narrow down your part number, and from there you would input that part number into the site search to select what you’re looking for.

3.  Not seeking help

Stuck in a parts abyss and just not finding what you need? Think you have what you need but just want to double check? It never hurts to ask. Our Parts Department is always a phone call, chat, contact form, or email away waiting to help.

4.  Paying too much (or too little) on parts

When you’re buying replacement tires for your car, you don’t order the cheapest tires, but you also don’t want the most expensive. You order the tires that are the highest quality at the best deal. Similarly, you should order sweeper and scrubber parts from a company that has affordable prices without sacrificing quality. 

5.  Waiting too long for shipping

You can’t afford to have your machine out of commission for any longer than necessary. Look for parts that are shipped the same day (with overnight shipping available) so your dirty floors aren’t kept waiting.



Great service goes beyond a quality product, and you want a company that acknowledges exactly that. Know that you and your machine in the very best hands by partnering with Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc for all your parts needs.

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