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Top 3 Ways Your Dirty Floors are Hurting Your Business

Have you ever looked at gym flooring, or the floor of any business, and couldn't believe how gross it looked? It's easy to tell they put zero effort into their floors. Which makes you think, what else do they skip out on? Believe it or not, but something as small as clean floors can ruin your business and cost you money. Don't believe us? Here are the Top 3 ways your dirty floors are losing you money. 

1. Dirty Floors are Expensive: 

You may think skipping out on your routine floor cleaning, or sticking to your old fashion floor mop and bucket, may cost you less money. However, that's not the case. The more dirt that builds up on your floor, the quicker they can become damaged and cause structural issues. From being repaired to, even worse, having to completely be replaced the longer you wait to use a floor cleaning machine the more expensive the repairs will be. If you're a business owner of a small company or have a tight budget, our compact automatic floor scrubber The Bulldog Micro, maybe the perfect option for you. Whether you're trying to clean tile floor or clean concrete floor, this small but powerful scrubber will work wonders! 

2. Ruins your Brand: 

Walking into a business that isn't the cleanest can leave a bad impression on anyone. We did a poll on Twitter asking our followers how they feel when they step into a dirty business, and 80% said that they leave as soon as possible! Even if your company offers the best product or services on this earth, it can make anyone wonder "if they're skipping out on cleaning, what else are they taking short cuts on?" 

3.Home of Diseases: 

Built up dirt is the perfect place for diseases and germs to reproduce. This can not only affect the health of your employees but also your customers. That's why scrubbers are much more effective than your old school mop and bucket set. If you do not sanitize your mop regularly, you're spreading the dirt and germs around more. Thus, making your establishment a health hazard. Scrubbers were designed to give your floors a deep cleaning and kill any germs and bacteria that may be hard to pick up with a mop.  Invest in our commercial floor cleaning services today for all of your floor cleaning machine needs! 

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