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For decades the food processing industry has used “Ozonated Water” as a disinfectant in many food and meat processing facilities. Routinely these plants mist “Ozonated Water” over their production lines to eliminate harmful bacteria. Ozonated Water also know as “Aqueous Ozone” is created by oxygenating water and exposing it to an electrical charge. This causes oxygen molecules to bond and create Ozone. Water with Ozone bubbles suspended in it has been proven to be a great cleaner and a powerful disinfectant. With a short 30 second dwell time it has been proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria like E.coli, Staph, Salmonella, and dozens of others. It also leaves a fresh scent similar to the one you notice after a thunderstorm. Lightening in a thunderstorm causes the same process to occur.

Tomcat’s innovation is not inventing this technology. The innovation is that they have now installed units that make “Aqueous Ozone” on their automatic scrubbing machines. The first benefit is that the Aqueous Ozone is a powerful cleaner without using any chemical. Dirt bonds itself to the O3 molecules so that the squeegee can effectively wipe it away. Besides being an effective cleaner, imagine the benefits of your hard floors being exposed to this cleaning power daily. Most cleaning professionals would agree that the bottoms of your shoes and floors are among the most bacteria laden surfaces in any building. Sanitizing your floors daily will significantly reduce disease and odor causing bacteria in your facility.

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The only way to truly appreciate the cost savings and health benefits is to try it for yourself. We are offering a FREE 3 DAY TRIAL to anyone interested in reducing VCT Floor Maintenance Costs.


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