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Tennant FaST Foam Scrubbing Technology

FaST Foam Scrubbing Technology

Tennant FaST Foam Scrubbing Technology uses up to 70% less water then standard scrubbers. This NFSI Certified technology helps keep your facility clean and safe for your #1 asset, your employees. The reduction in water usage reduces the amount of trips to empty your machine increasing your productivity.

Your operators will never have to touch chemicals again. The FaST System will do all the mixing for you.

Better for the environment by conserving water, biodegradable and reducing the packing materials for shipping and storage.

  • Conserves Water
  • PH Neutral
  • Covers 1,000,000 Sq Ft
  • Uses up to 90% Less Chemical
  • Reduces Dry-Time
  • Works on On Floor Surfaces
  • Compact and Easy to Store
Common Replacement Parts
Description Model SKU/EAN Price Quantity Add
Description: FaST 665 Foam-activated Scrubbing Technology SKU/EAN: 1017022
Price: $305.20
Quantity: 1

Description: FaST 965 Foam-activated 2 ltr Scrubbing Technology SKU/EAN: 9002021
Price: $434.70
Quantity: 1

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